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Dating after breast cancer young women

In 2007 I met Tracie Martin at a young survivors conference.

I joined the small nonprofit she started, called Pink Ribbon Girls, and later became President/CEO.

Had it not been for Lexi's mom, I would never have done that self-exam. Fast forward to today, and Lexi has to get checked, because her mom was only 22 when she was diagnosed.

That was a really hard conversation with the oncologist; both Cara and Lexi thought they had cancer when they started getting breast buds.

Now, 10 years later, Lexi is 15 and Cara is 16 and they act like twins.

I'm always the strong one, but then, I was not so strong.

Over the next year, the three kids and I sometimes took Lexi to see her mom at chemotherapy or to get groceries.

We'd bring Alexis medicine and we'd talk about her dreams for the future.

The baby—also named Alexis, but we call her Lexi—was 10 months old when we took full custody of her in June of 2002.By the time I was 28, we had three kids—Christian, Caleb and Cara—and I was going to college when I wasn't taking care of them, just trying to finish.One day in 2002, when we were visiting my mom, her neighbor approached me while I was playing with my kids in the yard.I just want to know that you're going to love her." My husband just melted right there; he would have done anything for her because she was so sick with no support.During the next three weeks, I visited with Alexis and her baby at Children's Services a few times, and I saw that Alexis was all about fighting to live.

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Together with Tracie, I helped to write a grant that's given us the funds to serve healthy meals and offer house cleaning to breast cancer patients.