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Yet the gloat of astonishment on Hillary’s face as she witnesses the Queeg-like crack-up of her rival will eventually fade as she discerns the wreckage awaiting her in the oval office. The only good to come out of this sordid election is the certainty that a lot of political debris will be swept away in the Fourth Turning underway.

Not only is this not true (granted I work at a science magazine but most of the researchers I meet are very cool and many of them are women), but research has posited that these portrayals potentially discourage kids from pursuing science past junior high.

During the weeks of the election distraction, the European banks struggle to conceal their insolvency while the politicians of Euro-land desperately try to paper over the cracks in these fracturing institutions.

Few can tell what is actually happening in China’s banking system, but it’s sending out ominous tremors that are hard to ignore. Expect the unintended consequences of those actions.

If the party poobahs “pull the plug” on Trump, as some are threatening to do (that is, cut off funds to his campaign), will they go down the drain with him anyway?

Is the USA a nation or just the world’s biggest comedy club? That odor wafting across the land is the smell of Republicans with their hair on fire.

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