Pretty little liars 2x15 online dating

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Pretty little liars 2x15 online dating

She's also the last person we see in the credits, it's Aria putting her finger to her lips (a secret to hide as the body is being buried).

Why then would they get so freaked out about pot, as to send her to a Christian reform camp?

The visit was supposed to be out of genuine concern for her safety and the safety of the liars.

Plus, Alli said that a perfect lie is always better than the truth and that sharing the truth with someone once ruined her life.

She's a good guy like she says, but A got something on her and forced her to use her premonition abilities to advance the scheme. A is so certain of Spencer's guilt, and so desperate to prove it, however, that he or she has been willing to "frame" Spencer for the crime, and has been tormenting the Liars in the hopes of getting one of them to come forward.

This would make some of A's more ridiculous moves make a lot more sense. A has been operating under the (entirely reasonable) assumption that the Liars all know that Spencer did it and have been covering for her. Dilaurentis often took Bethany places,bought her nice gifts and asked Bethany to call her aunty Jessi. Dilaurentis couldn't spend all her time with Bethany,having her actual children to take care of and all. D likely mentioned Alison to Bethany and eventually had to stop visting Bethany so much, Bethany grew jealous of Alison for being Mrs.

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This person must be female, since she said she'd be at Mona's party, which was girls only. (Presumably, since she knew Hannah was arrested for it and is probably the person who tipped the mall security off to the fact that it had occured in the first place.) There's really only one person who fits that profile and that's Mona.

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